Building trans-regional partnerships in the fight against trafficking in human beings and organised crime

Phase 2 of the project builds on the activities undertaken during Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings - Phase 1 (THB/IFS/1) implemented in Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Turkey from January 2014 - September 2014. Phase 2 of this initiative began in September 2014 and will continue to work in these countries, as well as including the additions of Albania and Pakistan. Phase 2 is due to last for 36 months, with completion scheduled for September 2017. 

The project seeks to contribute to the prevention of and fight against transnational organised crime, particularly in relation to trafficking in human beings (THB), by providing the participating countries with policy, legal and technical expertise. 

The project has three Objectives:

1. Improve victim identification, protection and assistance by strengthening national and transnational referral mechanisms;

2. Increase prosecutions of traffickers by enhancing national and transnational law enforcement cooperation and increasing the capacities of law enforcement, judiciary and NGO staff to address and fight THB more efficiently;

3. Enhance coordination and cooperation among key actors by improving partnerships between relevant EU and non-EU actors.