Building trans-regional partnerships in the fight against trafficking in human beings and organised crime

Between 28 - 30 November 2016, a transnational workshop was organised for Turkish stakeholders in Lisbon, Portugal with the primary objectives of exchanging expertise and information with Portuguese experts and authorities on good practice in the anti-trafficking field. The transnational workshop was organised in cooperation with the Portuguese Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings (OSTH). The Turkish delegation was composed of a labour inspector from Ankara, the head of Human Resource Development Foundation in Istanbul's THB programme and four DGMM Migration Experts (Antalya, Van, Ankara).

The three days of the workshop were hosted at the Border and Migration Service Headquarters in Lisbon.

During the course of the three days, the Turkish delegation met the following counterparts for exchange and information gathering on their respective subjects:

  • The work of the National Rapporteur on THB in Portugal and the Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings (Observatory on THB; National Rapporteur)
  • Legal Framework, Prosecuting and Convictions related to THB in Portugal (Superior Council of Magistracy – CSM; Attorney General’s Office – PGR)
  • Prevention, Protection, Punishment and Partnership on Trafficking in Human Beings and connected criminality – the experience of Law Enforcement Agencies and Inspective authorities (Immigration and Borders Service (SEF): Anti-Trafficking Unit and the Planning and Training Department; Public Security Police (PSP); National Republican Guard (GNR); Judiciary Police (PJ); Labour Inspectorate (ACT))
  • Prevention, Protection, and Partnership on Trafficking in Human Beings - the role of civil society and other governmental and intergovernmental organizations (Institute for Children Support (IAC); Institute of Social Security (ISS);- Portuguese Association for Victims Protection (APAV) – Ms. Rita Bessa;- Saúde em Português | Men’s Shelter; International Organization for Migration/Lisbon (IOM))
  • Best Practice of the Regional Networks and Multidisciplinary Specialized Teams on Trafficking in Human Beings (Association for Family Planning (APF) – Lisbon and North Delegations)
  • Best Practice of the Local Security Contracts (CLS) in the framework of Trafficking in Human Beings – The example of Serpa Municipality(Representative from the Ministry of Internal Administration)