Building trans-regional partnerships in the fight against trafficking in human beings and organised crime

On 27 February - 2 March 2017 a transnational workshop was organised with the primary objectives of facilitating best practice exchange and sharing between Albanian and Welsh counterparts.

The first day focused on victim protection, assistance provided by NGOs and service providers, and cooperation between authorities and civil society. The programme on the second day focused on law enforcement, investigations, prosecution and partnerships with third sector stakeholders, while the last day focused on strategic partnership building, coordination and identifying next steps. The final day finished with a session looking to identify what general information should be shared with front-line stakeholders in the UK to facilitate improved responses to Albanian THB cases (Country of Origin Information).

The workshop was well received by the delegation members and Welsh counterparts. According to the Albanian delegation the workshop was one of the best examples of this type of exchange visit that had been observed in their working experience.   

Albanian officials offered UK counterparts their support on both victim protection and investigation and prosecution. Albanian law enforcement has the capacity to investigate the origin and records of identified victims, or perpetrators from Albania. Information on where perpetrators / victims came from in Albania, and the modus operandi / route used for exploitation in the UK will assist Albanian authorities in prevention activities. The exact procedure for sharing this data needs to be established, however the capacity and willingness to pursue this from the Albanian delegation members was evident. Ms Gjebrea, the NATC, suggested a number of potential options to address broader THB challenges:

  • Establish a joint task-force with law enforcement to analyse the THB situation and picture between Albania and UK – to trouble-shoot uncertain cases and develop understanding of phenomenon from both sides;
  • Development of common indicators of trafficking between Albania and the UK;
  • Conduct a comparative assessment of both countries NRM and institutional structures and related processes, in order to…
  • …establish focal points and standard operating procedures for information and intelligence sharing, linking the NRMs in both countries, using the Albania-UK MoU as a foundation and guiding principle.