Building trans-regional partnerships in the fight against trafficking in human beings and organised crime

Participating Countries

The participating countries in THB/IFS/2 are Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Pakistan and Turkey.

The partner countries are located along the geographical corridor between Pakistan and Western Europe characterized by flourishing transportation networks and large flows of goods and passengers. Representing different sub-regions within this geographical area, all countries are affected by the abuse of these transportation networks for the crime of trafficking in human beings (THB) as source, destination and transit countries.

The target groups of the initiative are national stakeholders in charge of THB data collection and analysis, ministries involved in the anti-trafficking response and the referral of trafficked persons, anti-trafficking coordination bodies, prosecutors and judges, law enforcement agencies and in particular investigators of specialized units dealing with THB cases, labour inspectors, as well as NGO staff and local community groups specialized in victims’ assistance and protection. In order to include a broader range of actors in anti-trafficking interventions, THB/IFS/2 will involve additional stakeholders, such as border guards, child protection agencies, or social service providers, wherever suitable.